Welcome to the Women's League

WGC Women’s League Rules 2017

League generally starts the 2nd Tuesday in May, unless members vote differently. League generally goes for 14 weeks and no later than August 30th. Although any Course member can join the league, there is a maximum number of 24 teams for a league in order to complete play in a timely manner. If the league is full, you can be placed on a waiting list and/or you can consider being placed on the sub-list. When necessary, the following guidelines will be used to determine league members: previous league members will have first priority, then adult dues paying members (not Jr. members), then daughters of adult dues paying members and finally Jr. Members.

League dues is $35. League players need to be course members & course fee’s should be paid in full prior to start of league season. League dues cover the cost of team prize money & end of year banquet/meal. Substitutes do not pay any fee & are invited to the end of year banquet at no cost. The team player needing the substitute should pay the league chairs $1 prior to play, if possible, otherwise the following week. A substitute list will be posted in the women’s locker room as a reference to league members. Members are asked to keep the league chairs’ informed of e-mail addresses and cell phones.

League has a twelve point scoring system to determine the winner between the 2 teams competing: Each week of play, the scoring is broken down into two categories.
Individual Hole Competition – (9 points possible) – 1 point will be awarded for each hole to the team with the lowest combined score, including the handicap differences per hole. Use the course handicap system to determine which holes to add additional strokes for handicap differences. Example: Team A has combined handicaps of 25. Team B has combined handicaps of 30. Team B will earn 1 stroke on the top 5 handicapped holes, according to the scorecard, to be subtracted from their team total for that hole.
Team Competition- (3 points possible) – 3 points will be awarded for team totals. This is calculated by adding the two team member’s scores together and subtracting their respective handicaps. If Team A’s total is less than Team B’s, Team A is awarded 3 points. However, if a team has 2 subs on a given night, they cannot earn the 3 ‘team’ points, regardless of the substitutes’ scores.

Handicapping is tracked & figured weekly. The program uses the lowest 3 scores of your most recent 4 games played. The software will start each year with last year’s ending handicap. If you have no handicap, a minimum of 3 rounds should be played & scores recorded on a scorecard & turned into the clubhouse/league chairs 1 week prior to start of league. If this is not done, 3 strokes will be subtracted from your first night of league play and your handicap figured from that score. The maximum league handicap for any individual is 20.

Tee time is 5:30 pm & is organized as a shot-gun approach. Please plan to arrive at the course giving yourself enough time to get to your assigned tee & ready to play by 5:30. If you are not on your assigned tee at 5:30, your team will automatically have to forfeit, with 9 points being awarded to the team that is present. If a TEAM forfeits more than once, prize money will not be awarded to that team as we encourage members signing-up to consider their commitment to playing league each week. League commitment also means arranging a substitute in advance. Please don’t think that because you may be ranked at the bottom of the league, that it doesn’t matter if you forfeit. It is not fair to other league teams if you forfeit and your opponent team gets 9 points without playing. Being on a sub-list may be a good option for members who aren’t comfortable with the 14 week commitment.

All score cards need to be legible and should be checked for accuracy before turning them in at the end of the evening. Each team should verify & both sign the scorecard for accuracy prior to turning them in. Make sure all scores and total points are on the card and correct. Incomplete cards may result in ‘0’ points for both teams. A sample of completing scorecards is posted in the Women’s Locker room or available thru the league chairs.

Awards for Birdie’s are given at the end of the season. A ‘Birdie Chart’ is posted in the locker room. Each player is responsible to complete the chart when they earn a Birdie in league play or any official women’s tournament (ie., Women’s Club Tournament).

Remember – it is the responsibility of each team, to notify the league chairs when a substitute is being used. This allows them to factor in another person’s handicap when preparing the scorecards for play. Please notify one of the league chairs 1) Vickie Borich 778-3688 or 2) Denise Seemann 321-5355. In the case of an emergency or you are unable to get ahold of either Vickie or Denise, please notifying the clubhouse you are unable to attend.

If it rains prior to start of play and golf carts are prohibited, there will be no league. Once league play has started & bad weather exists, the league chairs will make the decision as to when to stop play. If there is lightning, league will be suspended immediately. When play is stopped, we ask that players wait 15 minutes before leaving the grounds, in case we can resume play. If weather disrupts a round of play, a minimum of 5 holes of play must occur to qualify as a round of golf; although handicaps will not be affected when this occurs.

Text messaging is used to communicate when league is canceled. A text message will be sent buy 4:30 pm on league days. If your team only has one person on the cell-phone group list, please contact your partner accordingly.

Did you know? Just a few of the more common golf rules you need to know.

If your ball is unplayable, you have 3 options, all with a one stroke penalty. 1) hit again from where you originally hit the ball; 2) drop the ball (shoulder high) within two club lengths, no closer to the hole; and 3) drop behind, on line of flight from the hole, to the spot where the ball is unplayable.

Ball out of bounds is a one stroke penalty & you must play a ball from the spot the original ball was last played. (stoke & distance impacted)

To take relief from perimeter fences, property barriers, you take two club lengths no closer to the pin & drop your ball (shoulder high) with a one stroke penalty. To take relief from casual water, ground under repair, sprinklers, or other man-made objects, you are allowed two club lengths no closer to the hole without penalty.

Searching for a lost ball is limited to five minutes. Playing a wrong ball is a two stroke penalty.

You should not drive your golf cart into the no-mow areas; instead you should search for balls on foot & try not to disturb the condition of the natural hazard.